Cyrano de Bergerac

image1-3From the acclaimed author of The Queenmaker Trilogy comes a new adaptation of one of the finest love stories ever told.

Cyrano de Bergerac is a swashbuckling seventeenth-century swordsman who can do anything… except tell Roxane, the woman he loves, how he feels. He’s just too self-conscious about his unusually large nose. Roxane finds romance in words, and Cyrano is full of them, so when he sees the chance to ghostwrite love letters to her from an inarticulate, love-struck cadet, he takes it—but can he ever reveal himself? Could she ever love him for who he is? In turns funny, tender, and self-aware, this classic tale about the exquisite distress of loving from afar will find its way into the hearts of even the most sceptical.

By Edmund Rostand
Translated and Adapted by Kate Hennig
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press, 2019
Materials: Script available upon request
Selected Production History: 
Shaw Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON)

“The play’s most famous scene, of course, comes when Cyrano provides the voice for Christian to woo Roxane up on her balcony – and Hennig tackles Rostand’s different registers here with appropriate panache: Christian’s inarticulacy; Cyrano and Roxane’s initial overly formal exchanges; and finally, the shift to an honest eloquence that truly connects Cyrano and Roxane, soul to soul, unseen.”
– The Globe and Mail

“While massaging some of the play’s representations of gender, Hennig has honoured its ambitiously romantic scope”
– Toronto Star

“Thrillingly preserves the poetic beauty of Rostand’s original verse”
– Broadway World